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The 'Why' Behind Intentional Retention

After several decades in a wide variety of leadership roles, I have witnessed the demise of the investment business owners make in their teams. The entry, mid-level, and even experienced managers are usually promoted with a nod of a job well done, an increase in pay, and the opportunity to fail miserably. 


The profit margins of any business are primarily affected by the low or high cost of labor. This equates to somewhere between getting what you pay for or bankruptcy. We have reduced the number of directors and managers and forced talented people to serve in two roles at once. All topped off with a remarkable lack of training.


My goal is to provide those who are readying themselves or are already in a leadership role with a guide to success. This book is a tool towards leaving something that is timeless for how leaders could and should treat anyone on their team.

-Sean Barnard


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“Our new corporate culture has had great positivity with team member attitudes. Sean helped turn a very large ship around. It took time but the ship turned. My business has been streamlined, and better organized with great cost savings.”


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Sean Barnard serves as Chief Operating Officer for privately held North Carolina based Smiles Ahead LLC. His role oversees 5 brands of dentistry that include Burrow Welchel & Culp, Orthodontics, White & Johnson Pediatrics, Charlotte Pediatric Dentistry, Signature Smiles  Orthodontics and Dogwood Family Dentistry. His international career spans from Europe and the Caribbean to the U.S. and includes C-Level suite positions in gaming, hospitality, manufacturing, and healthcare.

Starting his career as a casino dealer in England in 1979, he moved into junior management before emigrating to the Bahamas in 1984. In 1991 Sean was recruited to join a management team opening one of the first casinos in North America to be built outside Las Vegas or Atlantic City.

Sean enjoyed several leadership positions withing the gaming and hospitality industry and worked throughout the United States. As Senior Vice President of one of the largest casinos in the U.S., he was responsible for over a 1m sf resort with 1500 employees, close to $250,000,000 in annual revenues and over $85m in EBTIDA. Sean served as President of the Missouri Gaming Association and on several non-profit boards before ‘retiring’ in 2014.


In 2016, the introduction to Dr. Dustin Burleson led to Fifty-Eight LLC, a consultancy that grew in reputation and size with a range of clients across the US. Sean has been a keynote speaker with a presentation that challenges how we all think of HR and leadership.

  •  Sean is a Society for Human Resource Management Certified Professional and Certified Kolbe Consultant.

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